Early Adopter Program (EAP) Application

Eden Grow Systems is accepting applications for our Early Adopter Program

The EAP allows selected customers to procure one of our three Eden Tower (ET) variants: 1. Single Deck, 2. Double Deck, 3. Tall Tower.

By joining the EAP you'll:

  • Receive the system of your choosing at our cost

  • Have first access to our products

  • Have direct contact with the design team

  • Provide feedback on new product development features

  • Help us work out the bugs

  • Shape the future

EAP isn't for everyone. EAP systems will have bugs and sometimes they'll be a real headache. We do our best to squash them , but sometimes they can hide really well! That's why we utilize EAP to help further test our systems before we launch full sales. 

If this sounds good to you, then fill out the form below (or click view our products to see more details). If you are selected we'll then collect a $200 down payment to hold your position.

Thank you,

EGS Team