The Many Faces of the
Eden Grow Tower

The simple, automated operation and fast, high-yield performance of the Grow Towers
 makes them
 a perfect tool for so many different types of growers.


Tower to Table

The Eden Grow Tower gives you control over your food supply, in the inner city, suburbs, and the country. Create your own organic produce section and provide your family with the cleanest, healthiest fruits and vegetables picked fresh 365 days a year. Let our automated Grow Tower take the hassle out of growing, while saving you time and money. 



Grow young minds

The Eden Grow Tower is a powerful way to teach S.T.E.M. students about horticulture, nutrition (for plants and humans), engineered systems, automation, data analytics, and the scientific method, while equipping them with marketable skills and business experience. They learn to care about something other than themselves. And they get to enjoy the benefits of eating what they grow!



Create your own supply chain

 Add year-round availability to your produce growing operations. Add small-batch, specialty crops to fill out your product offerings. Ensure a continuous supply of popular and gourmet herbs, vegetables and/or fruit. Make your restaurant stand out with trendy and intensely flavorful ingredients. Daisy-chain multiple towers together to ensure continuous and rapid production, with efficient automation to save you time and reduce labor costs.