Eden Grow Systems is a Modular Farm and Ag Tech Company dedicated to bringing to market Next Generation Farming Systems.

We take Space Age Farming Technology and Techniques and bring them down to Earth and into your Home.

Welcome to Farming 2.0 Welcome… to Eden. 

We’re here to help bring sustainable food and energy to our community,” Raymond said in an introductory video to the project.
“This facility is a result of us trying to accomplish that mission.”

Over the course of the last year, Raymond and his partner used their free time to build their first Mars Habitat, which is essentially a giant solar-powered greenhouse. Their goal is to eventually incorporate automation into the greenhouse to make it a self-sustaining system.

“This system will replicate exactly what people need on Mars,” Raymond said. “So while Musk is working on getting us there,
we’re working on staying alive once we get there.” 

We knew that in the future how we grew our food and fed our our communities would have to change.  War, Economic Crises, Disruptions to the “Just-In-Time” Delivery system would increase and become more problematic.

As these disruptions occur we foresaw that attitudes would shift from globally to locally, and that food, and more importantly how it is produced would require new technologies and systems

For the better part of a decade we have been focused on answering one question, solving one problem.  How do you create the most efficient food production systems that use the least amount of human labor and electrical energy.  How do you make those systems as easy to operate as possible and require the least amount of up-keep, servicing, and supplies.

Eden now has a catalog of products ranging from the smallest in home systems to entire modular off grid farms designed to help anyone begin their journey to food and energy independence.

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