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L. Bart Womack
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What if We created a positive future, a Human Future? What I call A Solar Symphony...

A Solar Symphony is a vision of how the future might look if humanity succeeded in solving major issues such as weather-imposed farming limitations, pollution, and feeding the population, using sustainable methods. The iconography of a Solar Symphony focuses on renewable energies such as solar and wind power. Popular icons in the genre include solar panels, waterfalls, wind turbines, vertical gardens, and fruits. I envision a future of balance, where the best aspects of the Future and Past are brought together to help Feed the Future…

Although Solar Symphony embraces technology, it is also highly concerned with sustainable living, such as gardening and DIY culture.


AT EDEN, we are building a better choice…

At EDEN, our goal from the beginning has been to search out cutting edge, efficient technologies and techniques to create the most productive and efficient farming system ever devised. 

How do you create a food production system that works off nature without compromising it?  A carbon neutral system that utilizes the smallest amount of human and electrical energy possible?  The solution has always been right in front of us.

Nature itself IS the perfect system, and by learning how to emulate that system in all its perfect symmetry and balance we unlock the forces of life and creation themselves. There is no end to the bounty these elemental forces can provide. We need not change or alter these systems...we must simply and humbly seek to understand them.  With that understanding, we can develop the technology to harness these forces and direct them with far greater precision than has ever before been imagined.  With the power of space age computing, artificial intelligence, and inspired design, we can harmonize with nature, and realize the gardens of plenty this world has the potential to grow.

Sunlight is the source of all life on Earth. By understanding better and more efficient ways of harnessing that energy, we have begun the final stretch to food and energy independence.

Here is just one of the many technologies we are monitoring at EDEN, as we look for new and innovative ways of lowering our energy footprint while working with nature for more optimized food systems.

The journey to a brighter future begins with YOU.  

Join us on the Journey!  Find out how by clicking here


L. Bart Womack
13 September, 2021
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