Aeroponics Vs. Hydroponics
Aeroponic and hydroponic systems are raved about in the sustainability community. So what's the difference?
16 October, 2023 by
Jacob Saffle
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With food independence growing in popularity and finding its way into the mainstream sustainability conversation more and more every day, different growing methods are often mentioned that can cause confusion. Two of these types of growing methods are aeroponics and hydroponics, and while there are similarities between the two, the real distinction lies in the method used to deliver nutrients to the plants.. So let’s unpack these two methods.

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics, which has been heavily researched and proven by NASA, is a grow method where the actual roots of the plant are not buried in dirt or soil, but suspended in the air. Water containing a nutrient solution is delivered to the plants in a fine mist, which is sprayed on a regular schedule to optimize plant health and, ultimately, growth. 

One of the key elements of aeroponics is the fact that the plant roots are not submerged in water, giving them constant access to air and allowing them to thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. Through extensive research, scientists at NASA found the perfect amount of water provided to the plants to maximize nutrient uptake. The misters in the Eden Grow Towers are specifically designed to deliver this precise amount of water and nutrients to the plants grown on each deck.

What is Hydroponics?

Similar to aeroponics, plants grown in a hydroponic system do not require dirt or soil. However, the marquee feature of a hydroponic system is that the plant roots are exposed directly to water, and even submerged constantly. With the water-based nutrient solution flowing through the roots, the plants pull nutrition from the water to achieve growth.

Aeroponics vs Hydroponics - Which Is The Better Choice?

While both hydroponic and aeroponic grow systems can achieve successful plant growth, the choice of which system to use depends largely on the environment and resources available to house and operate the system, and the desired crop yield. 

Hydroponic systems require a much higher amount of resources to operate. Because aeroponic methods implement very specific science in determining adequate water exposure and nutrient delivery, they require much less water - some studies showing as much as 95% less! 

Hydroponic systems also require more nutrients to fuel plant growth. The science behind aeroponic methods is much more exact, all the way down to how much mist and spray pressure is needed to create the perfect size water droplet for optimal nutrient uptake. This allows these systems to be much more efficient in their nutrient consumption than hydroponic systems, while also cutting down on the risk of mold from plants constantly sitting in water.

As the science is much more specific in aeroponic systems, they also produce 22% accelerated growth, with around 35% higher crop yields. By delivering the perfect amount of nutrition to the plants consistently, the highest possible growth rate and effectiveness is achieved, which, naturally, leads to more successful crop production.

Why Does Eden Use Aeroponics?

The mission of Eden Grow Systems has always been to provide a source of food production to anyone anywhere, empowering them to become truly food independent. That’s a broad promise, and to deliver on it, we had to provide the most versatile and universally effective product possible.

Aeroponics combines a low maintenance, resource-light setup with output of maximum efficiency. That allows the Eden Grow Tower to achieve excellent crop yield in virtually any environment. No matter the season, plants can grow unhindered. The water consumption is a fraction of the usage in any other system, and the environmental footprint is non-existent. Not only is aeroponics special because you can grow the full spectrum of plants, including root vegetables, but Eden has also developed advanced aeroponic technology for the everyday consumer to grow potatoes & Garden Starts and Microgreens!

While hydroponics is an excellent alternative to traditional (geoponic) grow methods, aeroponics is the more efficient and flexible method, making it the perfect solution to serve as the foundation of our grow towers. This innovation truly takes food independence to the next level by allowing individuals to cultivate enough food to feed their families and communities through decentralized food production. Our systems are even Aquaponic Capable (link to our aquaponic page), meaning you can also raise fish & freshwater prawns!

How Can Eden Help Me?

Our grow towers provide a truly sustainable option for becoming food independent. The flexibility of the towers enables you to yield a successful crop on a large scale is what makes it such an innovative, unique option compared to other grow systems, and gives you the opportunity to grow literally anything you want or need.

Whether you’re a fresh produce provider, an educational professional in the horticultural field, or simply someone trying to provide for your family in a way that’s healthy and secure, our aeroponic grow towers can be the product that makes it possible.

Jacob Saffle
16 October, 2023
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