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27 December, 2021 by
Blaine C. Comeaux
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Food – a never-ending need for us humans.  We don’t need to eat every day, but we prefer to! And we all recognize that a balanced diet, consisting of good proteins, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and foods high in nutrients is the best thing, even if we don’t always practice good eating habits. And, if you live in a large city, you have access to what can seem like an infinite variety of foods from virtually every nation on earth. However, most people don’t live in a big city with a big international population. Most people live in a neighborhood, and while supermarkets may seem common, many people don’t have a big, well-stocked supermarket right down the street. Others are choosing to move out of the urban areas and trying their hands at homesteading.  The problem is, how do you maintain a ready supply of good fresh food in your home without constantly running into town? A garden? Works great if the weather is right. I live in the Houston area, which is Zone 9 for those of you into gardening. We can grow things almost year-round, but leafy greens like lettuces, spinach, and arugula, don’t like the heat down here. Our R&D headquarters is in Washington State, so they’ve got a much shorter growing season, and the ground is covered in snow at the writing of this blog (December 2021)-so they can’t do much during the winter without some sort of controlled environment.  

Virtually everyone reading this article has exactly that – a controlled environment. An air-conditioned or heated space where you live and/or work. You may not have a lot of space, maybe a garage, a basement, a spare room, or just an empty spot along a wall. Our Eden Grow Tower gives you a lot of growing capability in a small footprint and takes advantage of going vertical to stack multiple grow decks for efficient space utilization. 

Growing your own food can be greatly simplified by dedicating some space to start your own small-scale “growing operation” using the automated Eden Grow Tower.

Think of the benefits to you and your family: 

  1. You can have fresh fruits and vegetables growing 365 days a year regardless of the weather. 

  2. You can harvest straight from the plants and eat while nutrients – and flavor – are at their peak. 

  3. You can increase your food security by cultivating some or all the fruits and vegetables you consume. No more reliance on seasonal availability. 

  4. You can grow uncommon varieties, like wasabi arugula. You can also add amazing flavor to your cooking with freshly harvested herbs right out of the tower! 

  5. You can benefit your immune system by increasing the amount and the variety of fruits and vegetables you consume (See our previous post on this here).  

    1. To be totally transparent, the variety of vegetables you can grow indoors is probably far greater than the fruit options. You probably aren’t going to grow an apple or an orange tree in your basement. But strawberries? Absolutely! 

  6. The work is greatly minimized with the automation built into the Eden Grow Tower, and you don’t have to work in the heat or deal with weeds or pests. You will likely spend about 5-15 minutes a day actually tending to the tower, leaving you free to do – whatever you want! However, you may find so much enjoyment from just watching the plants grow that you linger! 

  7. You are also adding pure oxygen into your living space, which is nice! 

  8. You may reduce your carbon footprint by making fewer trips to the grocery store. 

Ask anyone who has grown their own lettuce using one of the popular countertop systems. The flavor is amazing. But all they can grow is lettuce. The Eden Grow Tower takes indoor growing to the next level. By using the Aeroponics method of spraying roots with a mist instead of using a liquid, the Grow Tower can grow anything, including potatoes, carrots, beets, and other root vegetables. Aeroponics is also more efficient with the nutrient solution than hydroponic systems, saving you money. The flexibility, automated care-free operation, and efficiency are big reasons why the Eden Grow Tower is a superior solution. 

We at Eden are on a mission to provide food and energy independence to families and communities around the world, and one day, off it. We built a serious piece of equipment that can provide fresh produce right in your home. We made it automated, to maximize your success even if you’ve never grown anything before. And we would love for you to join us on this mission.  

Grow Anywhere 365 days a year! 


Blaine C. Comeaux
27 December, 2021
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