What Type of Grower Are You?
9 August, 2021 by
What Type of Grower Are You?
Eden Grow Systems
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There are so many types of growers who are reaching out to us about our Eden Grow Towers. Which one of these do you most relate to? 

  • Homesteaders – You’ve made the plunge and bought that 1-5-50+ acres and moved out of the city. Or you grew up this way.  A recent Facebook informal poll on a Homesteaders group asked the simple question, “What is the hardest thing about homesteading?” There were many different responses, but one answer was repeated more than any other: “The fact that you have to do everything by yourself”.  While homesteaders generally love their experience, it has its challenges too, with all the chores and daily tasks that must get done, or things die! That’s where automation is a powerful force multiplier. Set up a Grow Tower and let it do the work. You don’t have to think about watering, lighting, fertilizing, or bugs. Harvest fresh living produce that practically grows itself, 365 days a year.

  •  That’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

  • Urban “farmers” – You live in the city, and you realize that you are totally dependent on the local supermarket for all your fresh produce.  You’ve experienced disruptions in that system that make you uncomfortable and leave you feeling exposed, and you’ve seen inflation taking a bigger bite out of your check every month.  You never grew anything before but now you are willing to try. But how?  You are intrigued with the idea of growing things right in your own home. Maybe you’ve also realized that having trucks bringing produce from halfway across the country is not great for the planet. And how do you know if it is truly organic? And what’s happened to the nutritional value in the time it took to get to you? Even organic produce starts to lose its nutritional value as soon as it is harvested, and 3 days can be an eternity for picked produce.  Growing it in your own home gives you control – over availability, over pesticides, over freshness, and over cost! And it doesn’t get any more “local” than picking it from your Grow Tower in your own home. 

  • Educators – you need interesting ways to engage your students to teach them about science, nature, engineering, and business. You also want to build concern for community into this next generation.  Using Grow Towers as part of an Agritech curriculum is a powerful way to teach students about nutrition (for plants and humans), engineered systems, automation, data analytics, botany, and the scientific method, while equipping them with marketable skills and business experience. They learn to care about something other than themselves. And they get to enjoy the benefits of eating what they grow! 

There are many other kinds of people who are taking control of their food supply, at least in the area of fresh produce. Who are YOU? Reach out to us and let us hear your story! 


What Type of Grower Are You?
Eden Grow Systems
9 August, 2021
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