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Your Concerns

Do these things keep you up at night? Let us show you how we can help!

Quality and Safety Control

Concerns about the quality and safety of cannabis, including issues such as inconsistent potency, presence of contaminants, and lack of standardized testing methods for ensuring product quality and safety.

Lack of Transparency and Regulation

Worries about the lack of standardized regulations and transparency in the cannabis cultivation industry, leading to uncertainties regarding cultivation practices, pesticide usage, and proper labeling of.

Sustainable and Responsible Cultivation

Concerns about the environmental impact of large-scale cannabis cultivation, such as excessive energy consumption, water usage, and waste generation, prompting a desire for sustainable and responsible cultivation practices.

Personal Privacy and Security

Concerns about the privacy and security of personal information when purchasing and growing cannabis, especially with the increasing digitization of the industry and potential risks associated with data breaches.

Cost-effectiveness of Growing Your Own

Considering the cost to grow your own cannabis compared to purchasing from commercial sources, including expenses related to equipment, supplies, maintenance, and the potential cost savings and value in having control over the cultivation process.

Our Solutions

Our System is like the Swiss Army Knife of Indoor Grow Systems

Full Control

The Eden Grow Tower (EGT) allows individuals to grow their own cannabis, ensuring control over cultivation practices and eliminating concerns about inconsistent potency or the presence of contaminants. Users have the power to implement. 


The EGT utilizes aeroponics, which doesn't use any dirt and only requires you to choose clean healthy seeds and your nutrient solution. With control over seeds and solutions, you can ensure the integrity and transparency of you crop. 

Energy Efficiency

Requiring 98% less water compared to traditional agriculture, the tower's energy-efficient design and optional solar power feature minimize energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact associated with large-scale cannabis.

Your Crops, your data

The EGT ensures privacy and security by offering professional-grade monitoring and control, without the need for internet connectivity or sharing personal data. Your information remains safe, regardless of your connection choice.

Pay for itself in 1 crop

The EGT provides a cost-effective solution for growing cannabis. While there may be upfront costs for the tower and supplies, growing cannabis at home can result in significant cost savings over time, making it a more economical choice then even growing in dirt.

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ET 100
Single Deck
Grow Tower

Recommended for:

  • Sea of Green

  • Medium size cultivars

ET 200
Double Deck
Grow Tower

Recommended for:

  • Sea of Green

ET 300
Triple Deck
Grow Tower

Recommended for:

  • Starters

ET 100T
Tall Single Deck
Grow Tower

Recommended for:

  • Full size cultivars