Our Pricing

American Made

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Built to Last

Outperforms Hydroponics

Its' not a toy. It's a tool

Think about it. You invest in appliances that store and preserve your food...

why not invest in an appliance that grows your food?

Our towers are the highest quality, most efficient indoor consumer grow system you can buy. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and high quality components, these systems are built to last over 10 years. In fact properly taken care of, your tower will last over 20 years. 

Why don't we show our prices? We get this question a lot and, like you, we aren't fans of websites that don't show prices. That said, we are learning what our customers want and need and below is a list of what we've learned so far. The bottom line here is that we have found that, more often than not, our customers want to talk to a sales rep to get answers to their more advanced questions. In addition, we really don't want to let anyone down. The last thing we want is a customer to order a product and then not get what they want. So we try really hard to work with our customers before their purchase.

Each tower does something different: We don't just show the "buy now" button because we don't want people to get a product that doesn't meet their needs.  

Our lead time is about 90 days:  People are loving our product, and sales are going up. We've been taking orders for over a year, and, as a small business, we are working on reducing our lead time. We are up front with customers and want to make sure that this lead time works for them.

Our tower is bi-modal: you can raise fish: But growing fish is more advanced than just growing plants. So we want to help educate our customers and ensure that we match the right solution with their needs.

We provide a concierge service: We are with you every step of the way before and after the sale. Premium products have to come with premium support. So we work with each customer individually, giving them all the answers they need for the life of their purchase.

What to grow in which tower: Customers have had many questions about what to grow, how long it takes, what supplies you need, etc. We've continually updated our FAQ but it's best to just give them the answers right over the phone. The last thing we want is a customer to be upset that they got a tower that doesn't grow what they expected.

Commercial or large scale operations: Want to have a larger scale operation? Our towers can daisy-chain together so you can have fewer reservoirs (saves cost and maintenance time). This system has scalability built in.

Payment Plans: For customers with a PayPal account, we offer a Buy Now, Pay Later plan. For non-PayPal customers, Eden offers a layaway program to allow you to secure your spot in line, while making monthly payments that work with your budget.


Our towers use 3-7 kwhr per day,

(electrical rate of $0.085/kwhr)


With PayPal, you can buy now and pay later for as little as $30/month (depends on customer credit)

- Or -

If you don't want to use PayPal Pay Later, you can sign up for our $500/mo. layaway plan. 

Your tower will ship when full payment is received. Pay on your schedule.


Our towers range in price. Depending on the crop you are growing, they can pay for themselves in as little as 4 months, or 4 years. 

Start your journey to food independence now!

Let's find the Eden Grow Tower™ that best fits your needs.