Food Independence
Putting the control back in your hands
20 September, 2021 by
Food Independence
Eden Grow Systems
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At Eden, we want to put control back in your hands!

Big ag, large corporations and grocery store chains want you to go to them to get your food, in turn, taking the control away from you and putting it in their hands…centralizing the food system. We want YOU to grow your own food, provide your own power, so that you can live a more independent and fulfilled life. Giving you back the control and DECENTRALIZING the food system. That is what we believe in at Eden. So much so, that it’s in our mission statement…

“We exist to provide sustainable food and energy independence to local communities around the world, and one day, off it!”

How are we going to help you do that, you might ask? 

The technology of our systems, our current Grow Tower, and future designs, is what we like to call #farming2point0. Farming 1.0 is how farming has been done for thousands of years…lots of land, lots of water, expensive equipment, and lots of labor. By using technology to our advantage, with inspiration from God’s design, along with advanced growing methods, our systems have the ability to change the future of growing…and not on a large corporation scale, as there are already start-ups and companies pursuing similar growing methods at that scale. But on an individual, home and community, Self-Sufficient Revolution scale. 

Through aeroponics, automation, vertical growing, innovative composting techniques, along with centuries-old techniques and solar, we are able to:

·       Reduce labor by 75%

·       Use 98% less water than traditional agriculture

·       Make one square foot of land, equal two

·       Have a no waste/waste-neutral system - the digestate (aka compost) from our anaerobic digester not only is able to be used as fertilizer for the plants in the system, and can even be transferred to an outdoor garden, but also produces methane for power and fuel

·       Produce power through solar, for not just the grow tower, but also for your home

·       Automate your growing system to allow for ease of growing

The digester and solar is not available for our current Grow Tower, yet; however, coming soon - our team of engineers is hard at work. We’re the ones building them - but you’re the ones using and reaping the benefits from them! There will be online training applications to guide you every step of the way. You have the choice with our Grow Towers and systems to either be connected to the internet, or off it. The application can learn from you or not at all. By connecting to the internet, however, you will be part of a community, learning together and working towards feeding the future. Freedom, food independence, food security is the name of our game, and we would love for you to join us on this journey! We would love nothing more than our systems helping you gain food independence and food security for you and your family for the future! 

If you are interested in Pre-Ordering our Grow Tower System, head over here to learn more! 

God Bless!


Food Independence
Eden Grow Systems
20 September, 2021
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