Why Aeroponics?
23 August, 2021 by
Why Aeroponics?
Eden Grow Systems
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Photo from You Have Heard of Hydroponics, Here Comes Aeroponics! - (cga.co.ke)

The Eden Grow Tower utilizes a method called "aeroponics". Many people are familiar with hydroponics, which is widely used for growing leafy green vegetables and herbs, and is very effective for plants with shallow root systems. Both approaches utilize a nutrient solution that plants absorb through their roots, and both approaches utilize far less water than conventional farming. In both methods, roots are able to take up significantly more oxygen than the same plant growing in soil, which accelerates plant growth and increases the size in some varieties. So what's the difference?

Used by NASA!

Aeroponics uses a misting head that creates a very precise particle size, in the range of 20-50 microns (millionths of an inch). Research conducted by NASA demonstrated that this was the optimum size for the fastest, most complete nutrient uptake. Any larger than this, and nutrient uptake suffers, and water is wasted. This method reduces the amount of nutrient solution by up to 30% compared to hydroponics, making operating costs significantly lower. 


Another major advantage of aeroponics is the ability to grow root vegetables, which hydroponics struggles to do well. Many hydroponic systems leave the roots sitting in water continuously. For root vegetables like beets, carrots, onions, and garlic, this usually results in rotting. With aeroponics, the mist is applied for a few minutes and then the roots are left to almost dry in air before another dose of nutrients is applied.  This cycle time is crucial to the growing process for root vegetables.

Our Grow Towers have an added bonus - the reservoir for the nutrient solution is designed to be large enough to grow fish or shrimp in the same system. This is known as "aquaponics", where the fish waste is converted into the nutrient solution by good bacteria.  This feature increases the capabilities of the system by allowing you to add a source of protein to your diet to go along with all the fruits and vegetables you can grow.

"For maximum production with the lowest amount of nutrient and energy input, aeroponics is the way to go". 

Even if you don't plan to grow carrots, beets, or any other rooting vegetables, or raise fish, you will still save money on nutrient solution using aeroponics. You will have the most amazing leafy green vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and berries!  And you will always have the option of cultivating root vegetables and/or fish in the future if you want to. For the maximum production with the lowest amount of nutrient and energy input, aeroponics is the way to go.  That's why Eden Grow Systems focused in on this method for all of our grow tower developments.

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Why Aeroponics?
Eden Grow Systems
23 August, 2021
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