Think You Don't Have Space for a Garden? Think Again!
16 August, 2021 by
Think You Don't Have Space for a Garden? Think Again!
Eden Grow Systems
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Do you dream of having a garden or have you completely pushed the idea aside because you live in the city, or simply just don’t have the space to grow vegetables in your backyard?

Since Covid hit our backdoor, there has been an increasing number of people interested in growing their own food and becoming more self-reliant. Seed companies have been selling out as people are realizing that growing their own food is one of the best ways to increase food-security for their families.

It’s not just about food security, though! Even before Covid, organic produce and buying local were gaining popularity. People are realizing that all the chemicals on our food + greenhouse gases and loss of nutrients from transporting our food thousands of miles, maybe isn’t such a good thing. And it’s showing!

According to Garden Research, more American households (77%) are gardening than ever before, and increasingly the face of that gardener is a young one. The organization found in its recent national survey that the 18 to 34 age group reached an all-time gardening high.

The problem isn’t that people don’t want to garden, it's just that they don't have the space to grow a conventional garden. 

“In a survey of 500 14-24 year olds, 75% said that they enjoyed growing plants, but many added that they didn’t have the space”.

The great thing is that people are finding more and more ways to be creative with their space. YouTube videos on gardening have taken a huge surge and there are some pretty creative methods and people out there! 

Food security and making gardening accessible to anyone, no matter where you live, is something we are passionate about at Eden. The Eden Grow Tower makes 1 square foot of land equal two, and you don’t need to have room for garden, or even a yard at all! Fresh greens, herbs, carrots, beets, tomatoes, and so much more can be grown right in your garage or even in your home! 

Even if one of our towers isn’t on your shopping list, there are so many ways you can make gardening possible without a big yard…planter boxes, pots in your kitchen and living room and even easy-to-grow microgreens on your windowsill. So many possibilities! If you are interested in learning more about Gardening, Oregon State University is offering an Online Master Gardener’s Course that we would highly recommend to help you grow healthy fruits and vegetables for you and your family! 

Bonus…We at Eden believe once you start growing your own food, you will find a joy that you never realized and may even fall in love with it; Our team here at Eden sure has! 

So, let’s get growing, together!

To find out how you can gain food-security, while also enjoying fresh, healthy produce 365 days a year, head here 


Think You Don't Have Space for a Garden? Think Again!
Eden Grow Systems
16 August, 2021
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